Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management is at the heart of good governance

Risk is an inherent attribute of all businesses; Governance codes and regulators place risk attitude, tolerance, and the oversight of the maintenance of sound risk management and internal control systems at the centre of corporate governance.

Solid enterprise Risk Management tools

Planning for and engaging with risk is essential for private and public sector enterprises, reflected in robust policies, systems and processes. Pali GRC enables proactive engagement of risk, in all its manifestations, helping all stakeholders to better understand risk profile and ensure effective decision making and actions focused on improving outcomes and achieving corporate objectives.

Best practices from Day one

Pali GRC's flexible and non-prescriptive framework enables the embracement of best practices such as ISO31000:2009, as well as practices specific to your operational objectives and industry. Organisations can effectively manage the risk lifecycle according to these standards; Governance mandates and commitments reflect themselves in related risk identification, management implementation, monitoring & review, & continuous improvement.

A single integrated view

Pali GRC's ERM framework enables best practices to be embedded across the organisation in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring consistency, streamlining process, and adding to business opportunities and outcomes. A single, integrated view of risk, aligned with Governance objectives and risk/compliance activities, catering to all audiences. Risks associated with crossing geographic & cultural boundaries are also reduced, ensuring a consistent approach across the enterprise.

Predict & mitigate compliance events

An Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance framework is seen by many regulators & business leaders as a strategic approach to achieve improved corporate governance, more transparency in the decision making of the board and senior executives, and improved performance against business objectives. Pali GRC enables the enterprise to develop a risk-aware culture, helping predict & mitigate compliance events, critical to building and maintaining competitive advantage.