Building & Construction

Our easy to use Governance Risk & Compliance software means easier compliance & risk management

Building and construction companies and contractors increasingly have to cope with larger and more complex projects. There is even more to keep track of in an industry which already has plenty of regulations.

Identify & take care of problems before they take care of you

Pali GRC is a stable and proven Australian SaaS product, working in sectors with over $550B in assets covered. Our software has managed in excess of 700k compliance matters, over 55k risks, and is backed by more than 30 years of experience. You can rely on Pali GRC to have your back when you need it most.

Make better decisions every day

Streamline operations by giving everyone access to the real-time information they need. Powerful dashboards and integrated workflows automatically collect and track compliance and risk.

Increase efficiency across your business

Get rid of old-fashioned paper-based solutions so you can transform the way you work and seamlessly integrate your entire team. SaaS means no IT infrastructure worries, easy remote access, and secure cloud storage.

Take control of rules and obligations

Pali GRC faciliates better planning and confidence in compliance with the plethora of regulations you face. A single source of truth means you are always one step ahead and ready for the auditors if they come.

Pali GRC offers trouble-free management of your compliance and risk processes, plus ready access to important documents and checklists.

ISO 45001, AS/NZS 4801 and OSHAS 18001 audits will no longer be a concern with easy to demonstrate compliance workflows.

Integration with the LexisNexis compliance library means you can track regulations, receive alerts, and create action plans to resolve issues before they become problems.

Pali GRC is a complete compliance framework. It is flexible enough to keep you in front of the ever-changing GRC landscape and will simplify your governance, risk and compliance activities so you can avoid uncertainty and meet all your stakeholder expectations.

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