Not for Profit Organisations

Let nothing slip between the cracks

Not for Profit organisations face an ever increasing mandate to increase efficiency, transparency, and public trust. Pali places effective risk management at the heart of good governance.

Spot issues and address them before they spiral out of control

Pali is a fully road tested platform that has already managed 709,103 compliance matters, with over 55,908 high level risks managed and in sectors with over $568B in assets covered. And that means you can be sure that it will perform at the highest level in the most effective way when you need it.

Proactively mandate compliance

Regulators have confidence in organisations who proactively mandate Compliance and Governance with visibility and auditability. Pali makes it easy to demonstrate your adherence to regulatory and cultural policies & due diligence across the organisation.

Complete Confidence in Compliance

Stakeholders can sleep at night knowing that a solid foundation of Governance and Compliance is actioned across the organisation, with comprehensive auditing and accountability, and nothing slipping between the cracks.

Transparency & accountability

When dealing with other people's money, transparency is critical. Pali's GRC framework effects a culture and governance of transparency and audit. Pali satisfies all audiences, both internal and external, ensuring transparency and brand reputation.