What Good GRC Looks Like

Simplify how you manage and report all your risk & compliance obligations

Pali GRC simplifies your governance, compliance, and risk (GRC) activities so you can stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet all your stakeholder expectations.

Slash your risk & compliance paperwork

Pali GRC is a simpler way to manage your GRC, speed up workflows and eliminate 99% of the problems that manual systems create​. Using Pali GRC you can streamline your reporting obligations; record, edit and manage your Governance, Risk, Reporting & Compliance matters; and create complete transparency across all departments throughout your organisation on any browser-enabled device.

Risk Management

"Risk management" is the new "hot topic" in corporate governance. Pali has tools management needs to help mitigate against these risks.

Corporate Governance

All boards need to get the right information to enable them to oversee and monitor non-financial risk management.

Compliance Management

How can you be sure you're giving your compliance management team exactly what they need to know - no more, no less?

GRC for SMEs

Pali GRC helps SMEs who are now under increasing scrutiny to comply with various legislation and report on various risk.

Public Sector

Pali GRC is the perfect solution for organisations wanting to meet their compliance obligations and manage increasing risk.

Building & Construction

Pali GRC can help you keep track of increasing obligations in an industry which already has plenty of regulations.

Pali GRC is a complete risk & compliance framework

Flexible enough to keep you ahead of the ever-changing GRC landscape

  • Simple to manage your risk coverage.
  • Easy to keep up to date as policies change.
  • Low levels of training required.
  • Built with bulletproof technology.
  • Incident preparedness and tracking.
  • Real-time reporting.