The Pali GRC Framework

A simpler way to manage your GRC, speed up workflows and eliminate 99% of the problems that manual systems create​

We know you already handle a lot of GRC issues

And the trouble with GRC paperwork and compliance is that unless you can access them easily, it's of little use if you want do analysis for patterns and to identify issues. Things rarely wait and you need information and alerts at your fingertips.

Pali GRC is designed from the ground up to make your life and the way you manage your GRC requirement so much easier.

Collecting information on excel spreadsheets is insecure, dangerous and an old school way to manage your company's biggest risks.

Systems without proper security controls can get lost, altered or destroyed very easily. And once that valuable information is gone, it's almost impossible to recover without massive effort and cost.

Manage your GRC

Anywhere you collect data or paperwork, or need a multi-step process to manage your GRC requirements and audit tracking process, can be handled by Pali.

Take photos, add text, or a document or pdf and these will be added to Pali. And for safety and security Pali tracks whatever device and whomever enters the data so that there's always a clear audit trail.

Smart online management

  • Readily access Pali in seconds, on your smart devices or your desktop.
  • Pali’s software is fully managed, and always safe and up to date.
  • Track and audit usage by user and fine-tune access controls and permissions.
  • No more need to fill out and manage complex systems or paper.

Compliance & oversight across your enterprise


  • Corp Governance
  • Registries & Surveys
  • Continual Improvement
  • Reporting & Scorecards


  • Risk Management
  • Workflow & Escalation
  • Health & Safety
  • Culture & Behavior


  • Incidents & Breaches
  • Environment Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Fraud & Anti Money Laundering


  • Compliance Management
  • Business & Workplace Audit
  • Complaints & Remediation
  • Regulator Friendly