Public Sector

Complete Compliance & Oversight at all levels

Pali GRC places effective risk management at the heart of good governance, enabling effective decision making with risk implications in mind, and implemented within our best-practice framework and processes based on established standards.

Planning for & engaging with Public Sector risk

Public & State Owned Enterprises face an ever increasing mandate to increase efficiency, transparency, and public trust. Effective risk management for the prevention & mitigation of risk and fraud is paramount to organisational culture, and central to policies, process & systems.

Risk is an essential part of Public Sector agency culture

Pali GRC enables a flexible and practical risk management framework, adapting to the unique risk profiles and appetite of each agency. Pali places Risk Management at the heart of good Governance, with integrated policies and procedures, and clear accountability and escalation.

Integrates risk into the agency's governance structure

Pali GRC's Governance, Risk Management and Compliance framework defines appropriate internal management structure, escalation and oversight arrangements. Compliance processes and mandates reflect their impact on risk, with visible, proactive, accurate & auditable process, reporting & workflow.

Clear assignment of accountability & responsibility

Pali GRC's framework covers Risk Management, Compliance & Oversight. Pali GRC promotes the management of risk as an integral part of the agency culture, embracing all stakeholders, and supported by robust policies, systems and processes. Pali GRC focuses on business & risk objectives, process and outcomes.