Governance, Risk & Compliance for SME’s

Manage all your risks in the one place

Effective risk management for the prevention & mitigation of risk and fraud is paramount to organisational culture, and central to policies, process & systems.

Consistent business-wide management and control of compliance driven events and mandates

SMEs and businesses of all sizes are required to manage risk and provide the public increased efficiency, transparency, and public trust. Using Pali GRC means you can focus on business & risk objectives, process and outcomes.

All your information stored securely in the cloud

Pali GRC allows you to record and enter the information in your web browser, just as you would in a spreadsheet. The simple and secure format means you can forget about having to fill out and manage complex systems or paper ever again.

Clear assignment of accountability & responsibility

Pali GRC covers Risk Management, Compliance & Oversight. It promotes the management of risk as an integral part of organisational culture, embracing all stakeholders, and supported by robust policies, systems and processes.

Get your organisation up and running in under 2 weeks

Pali GRC has a fast and simple implementation timeframe, which means you can be started in as little as a few days to 2 weeks, from inviting users to running your first training session or starting to use the full framework.