GRC Software Overview

What should you look for in a GRC software platform?

The right GRC framework should provide management & stakeholders with information they need to make well-informed decisions on managing risk and auditing compliance in a cost effective manner.

Policy Management

Supports documentation, workflow, policy lifecycle from creation to review, change and archiving of policies and mapping of policies to authoritative sources.

Risk & Compliance Management

Supports risk management professionals with the documentation, workflow, assessment and analysis, reporting and remediation of risks. Allows an organisation to truly understand their risk posture and manage it in a cost effective manner.

Additionally, this area enables organisations to better manage their compliance position through performing surveys and self- assessments, attestation, testing and remediation. Supports the ability to respond to changes in regulations.

Vendor Management

Facilitates risk-based vendor selection, relationship management and compliance monitoring.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recover Management

Combines business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management. Assess the criticality of your business processes and technologies and develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans using automated workflow for testing and approval.

Furthermore enables the organization to perform a Business Impact Analysis to better understand the value of the business processes and the people, applications and systems that support those processes.

Audit Services

Supports internal auditors in managing work papers and scheduling audit-related tasks, time management and reporting.

Incident, Threat and Vulnerability Management

Records events, tracks investigations and causes and reports on incidents.

Additionally, this function documents regional or country threats, consolidates vulnerability, malicious code and patch information from security intelligence providers, and captures vulnerability results from scan technologies.

Asset Management

Manages critical relationships and dependencies within the enterprise by identifying and mapping applications, systems, databases, infrastructure assets and facilities, to key business processes for effective compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery tasks.

Reporting and managing through a single platform potentially gives executives, auditors and managers a holistic view of the enterprise's risk and compliance position, as well as views sorted by requirement, entity and geography., Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms

Pali GRC simplifies your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities and saves you precious time and money, and ensures standards and consistency across the enterprise

ProbityPro Probity

ProbityPro manages the complete probity and procurement cycle, with the flexibility needed to accommodate an organisation's nomenclature, procurement processes and governance, workflows and more.